On the other side of the lens

I'm usually in front of the camera but there are those times when I'm the one looking at the lens. Just for fun I've posted a few pictures people have taken of me here, and a couple of selfies too. There's even a picture of me dressed Amish from when I spent a week living with Amish people in Goshen, Indiana, USA.

Simon Jones
Simon Jones riding a jeepney in the city of Manila in the Philippines
Simon Jones by street art on Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia
Simon Jones at an artist market in Hang-dong South Korea
Simon Jones in Melbourne
Simon Jones being Amish in Goshan Indiana
Simon Jones and his huge
Simon Jones loves boobs
Simon Jones with Leia Taing and Yolande Lee
Simon Jones with his bicycle in Melbourne
Simon Jones riding a motorbike in the Philippines
Simon Jones selfie
Simon Jones trackside at a Formula One Grand Prix
Simon Jones on the Tongariro crossing in New Zealand
Simon Jones with fans at the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix
Simon Jones race driver
Simon Jones on another adventure in Asia
Simon Jones with Catamaran at Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia
Simon Jones in Northern California
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